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Dutton Digest, February 2022, Part 2

February 14th, 2022

New ideas at your fingertips!

February 14, 2022

Review a number of different teaching strategies quickly with the Scholarly Teacher’s Teaching Tips infographics. Get the gist in a jiffy so that you can implement something new:

Working with Disability Services

Did you know that Penn State Disability Services is a resource for you and not just for students? Join Terry Watson and Maggie Kwok of Penn State World Campus to learn more about support for your teaching. Attend the March 30 Webinar, noon-1 p.m.: Faculty Engaging with Disability Services: How should faculty and disability services work together?

Making Grading Easier

The Comment Library in Canvas's SpeedGrader can save you time! While individualized feedback is essential, it can be preceded by standard comments that you may wish to offer to many students. The Comment Library allows you to save and reuse comments, and you can access them from every course in which you're an instructor. Learn more with the Comment Library instructor guide or via this Comment Library screencast (1:40 min.)

Why use Twitter?

There are lots of reasons! The Center for Online Education offers 50 ways to use Twitter in the College Classroom. A few of our favorites include:

Find directions for embedding the Twitter Widget from the University of Oklahoma.