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Credit: Langara College

Strategies for Building in Academic Integrity

March 1st, 2018

Building Academic Integrity into the design of the course and the assessments.

  • Set time limits on quizzes and exams.
  • Use and leverage test banks or groups in Canvas.
    • Create several questions that cover the same objective at the same level.
    • Add new questions each time the course is taught to have more versions. Consider starting with 3 versions of each question and 1-2 more versions each time you teach. Eventually, you will have a large bank to draw from without having to write a new quiz or exam each semester.
  • Change essay questions regularly, or at least cycle through a few different ones from year to year.
  • Use the same problems, but give students different data to use from semester to semester. 
  • Use video to have students record themselves answering questions as a backup if you suspect an issue might arise.
  • Use proctoring if it is available.
If you want a more comprehensive look at strategies for preventing academic integrity issues, take a look at Strategies for Preventing Academic Integrity Issues