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black computer keyboard

Credit: black computer keyboard by D. Augustyns and licensed for free use by Unsplash 

Free Image Resources Here!

July 28th, 2017

Mike Taylor, of Mindset Digital, recently presented a webinar devoted to helpful resources that can be added to a course design toolkit. Below you will find a selection of a few of these resources, which can be hugely helpful in finding visual imagery to accompany course content or presentations. Enjoy!

  • Images: Pixabay contains nearly 1 million free images and videos that you can add to your course/website.
  • Fonts: Google fonts contains an extensive library (over 800) of font families that can be embedded into a web page or CSS.
  • Icons: These can be a nice addition to a Drupal or Canvas page.  Flat Icon contains a large database of free icons in a variety of formats.
  • Mike Taylor’s Blog contains a more thorough list of links to helpful resources. Check it out!

As always, the Dutton Institute learning design team is available to assist you with all of your course needs, including multimedia.