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students sitting in lecture talking to each other

Credit: Credit: luckybusiness / Adobe Stock

Dutton Digest, October 2020, Part 2

October 26th, 2020

We’re all about Student Engagement this week. And staying well!

Check out our newly-revised resource Adding engagement to your classroom. You’ll find instructions for remote synchronous and multiple audience classes of all sizes and ideas for working with groups, pairs, or individual students.

Keep Engaging Series webinars are coming up on Mondays (noon-1) in November. No registration is necessary; simply use this Zoom link. See Keep Teaching’s Webinar page for more information, including how to access recordings. You can also refer to TLT’s Engaging Students Series Resources Pressbook to scan similar topics.

Explore using EquatIO, an equations app that’s free to all Penn Staters, to read and write math in a digital environment. EquatIO is easy for you and for students to use. Consider, also, that uploaded EquatIO homework can be graded with annotation with the help of Canvas’s Speedgrader tool.

Check out this video EdTech tip to learn about splitscreening and screenshotting, which can improve your virtual classroom by helping you show students more and allowing them to see more of your screens as you teach.

To maintain wellness and ward off feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed with these ideas from’s article Practicing Self-Care During Coronavirus: 5 Tips for Teachers.

See more in a 2-minute video full of science-based well-being tips to help you through the pandemic.