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Dutton Digest, February 2021, Part 1

February 1st, 2021

Our First Wellness Day is February 9, 2021

What do you have planned to actively practice your commitment to wellness and well-being? Hopefully, you are able to take advantage of PSU Events or take some time to build healthy habits, understand your needs and invest in yourself.

Here is a beautiful 15-minute 360 Degree Virtual Reality Meditation video if you are not able to get outside.


The World Campus has released the schedule for OL 2400: Integrating the Library into Your Online Course. The library wants to partner with you to better the experience for all students. The first session starts in March and is instructor-led for 4 weeks. Check out the complete Spring/Summer Schedule.

Are you Listening to All Students? In this article by Fierce Education, the author shares a study that shows male students speak 1.6 times as often as female counterparts.

How To Read an Academic Paper from the Learning Scientists' Feb 2 blog post has some great suggestions for students struggling on how to best read academic articles.

Do Instructional Videos Work Better When the Teacher is On Screen? It really depends. Read this article by to investigate further. And remember, EMS has a lightboard studio available by appointment with our multimedia specialist and videographer, Kay DiMarco.

Need some ideas for building your classroom community online? Dr. Catlin Tucker suggests 3 tips.

Coming Soon

In an upcoming February Canvas update, users will be able to type LaTeX equations into ANY Canvas text field, and MathJax is loaded if Canvas detects an equation image added by delimited LaTeX characters. Watch the video Courses: MathJax and LaTeX (2021-02-20) Release (1 minute) for a demonstration.