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Zach Auker

Zach Auker

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As a programmer/analyst for the Dutton Insitute I’m tasked with designing and developing new features to assist our faculty/staff with the course design process. My goal is to make their lives easier in any way I can through the use of web application development. The two major projects I work on are the Dutton Course Database and the Dutton Student Information System (DSIS), our internal advising platform. Both applications support our faculty and learning design team in their course delivery process.

My focus as a programmer at Penn State is on web application development, designing and maintaining several web-based applications for use by university staff. However, I also enjoy implementing programming and other technology to solve problems in my personal life. In addition to programming, my interests include a whole host of other traditionally nerdy hobbies such as playing video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and 3D printing. I also enjoy taking hikes and walks with my corgi Miya in my free time.